Monday, 15 January 2018

Major Project - Colour Test

A quick test in Procreate to test my initial thoughts for the environments colour scheme, I would like to create the stark lighting that you see in moon photos and the blown out whites that get reflected off of the nasa space suits.

Major Project - Rigging

Thought I was making good progress on the rig for my character, then a orient constraint held its offset and popped the ankle - take two tomorrow :)

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Minor Project - Reflective Statement

I have enjoyed developing my character in this project, Im a bit upset that the face rig did not get finished, but having to learn the different programmes as I worked, definitely slowed me down and things took slightly longer than I thought. But I don't regret this decision that I made as Zbrush and Painter have added a bit more of a natural look to my character.  I was keen to see how much I could achieve on my own, and although it has taken me longer and a lot of mistake have been made, it really has made me learn from my errors, and I am aware now in the future projects I work on, of how long things take and the processes I need. Though I opted not to work on story at this stage, I still think I have learned some key skills in the software I have chosen for my own pipeline.

There is still so much to do on this project, but looking forward to sink my teeth in and see what the next stage makes and hopefully get my character jumping around the screen.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Major Project - Texture Tests

Wanted to get my texture workflow sorted for the Minor Project. I have decided to use Substance Painter for baking Maps and Colouring as seem to be the easiest way.

This was the final piece I needed to research for my character pipeline, so I feel fairly confident to pull it all together now. For my renders I have decided to use AOV's in arnold and comp them together in Nuke. This is just a straight render, but I am keen to have Depth of field in my renders and have been researching into the process in Nuke.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Major Project - Terrain Tests

Test to try and work out how to make a moonish terrain - I don't really want the typical moon craters and as this is a saturn moon there are plenty to choose from, so I want a more mountainous landscape.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Major Project - Hand and Gloves

My process of making the gloves. The hands where first sculpted in Zbrush to give me a base for the position of the gloves. Gloves where then sculpted over the top and retopo'd in Topogun. The whole process has taken over a week and still need to fix a hole in the index finger. I wanted to model all the details into the glove as to practice modelling, and I think the inside of the palm is not correct, but still happy with the result.

Below is Sol so far. The base mesh is nearly ready to take back into zbrush so I can start on all the details for my texture maps and get him ready to take in substance painter to make the maps that I need and paint him up.